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Wills, Powers of Attorney & Enduring Guardians

We understand it is important to ensure your Will accurately reflects your testamentary intentions and that you have appointed the appropriate persons as your Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian. It is particularly important for family law clients to consider whether their Will, Power of Attorney or Enduring Guardian needs to be amended in light of their separation.

Our solicitors will speak with you about the need for a Will, Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian and what may happen if you do not have the appropriate documents in place.

If you are preparing a Will, we can work with you and your financial advisors to ensure your Will reflects your testamentary intentions.

We offer fixed fees for preparation of Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardians. We offer a fixed fee or time costed billing arrangement for our Wills, depending on the complexity of your matter.

To make an appointment with one of our solicitors, contact our office or use our online booking form.